The crushing disappointment of Halo 5 and the Xbox One.

343 Studios released the much anticipated next installment in the Halo video game series this past fall to an astonished audience of die hard Halo fans. Not only is there no split screen Cooperative play but the campaign is simply interesting and downright infuriating.  I was waiting to invest in the XBox One based on this title because of the favorable impression that I got from the Halo Master Chief collection. Specifically, the games were remastered not only to have better graphics but scoring in all of the games which made couch co-op really fun. We play Halo 3, ODST, Reach again and again in this mode as they have very nice scoring but the other standalone 360 Halo titles do not so the collection held lots of interest for us to play the other titles. Recently, however, the upgraded Reach for the Xbox one seems to be nearly unplayable according to some reports.

So with these critical shortcomings I made the difficult decision to not buy an Xbox One and get a Sony Playstation PS4 instead.  We got the Star Wars Battlefront bundle and while it also does not have a campaign the couch co-op is very nice. There is also scoring of a sort. One can say that the graphics are first rate so that is a big plus.  I also have moved on to Fallout 4 and King’s Quest on the console. Both very different but very entertaining games. Based on the clear superiority of the PS4 and the now confirmed disaster of Halo on the XBox One, I have made my decision to leave Halo behind and have moved on. So far, that decision seems to be a good one. Sorry Microsoft.

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