I am a believer

I have been aware of the mantra that full frame sensor DSLRs and prime lenses produce better imagery than crop sensor DSLRs and zoom lenses for some time. However, I was skeptical that the difference would be very significant. That began to change when I purchased a AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED for a wedding photo booth shoot that I did recently. I needed a fast lens to be sure I could focus accurately in a dimly lit space. I also wanted to explore macro photography so this lens was a twofer. What shocked me was the startling improvement in sharpness and clarity over my stock 55-300mm kit lens. And the quality of the images in macro mode are simply stunning.
Then I decided that perhaps my penchant for going against the commonly held notion might not be serving me well in other areas of photography and so I looked at the Nikon D750 full frame sensor camera body. It was on sale at a very attractive price so I took the plunge and ordered one.
What I discovered was that my imagery took another leap forward in richness and clarity even with my ancient Tamron 200-500mm zoom lens. I gladly gave up the extra reach of the crop sensor D7100 in exchange for the vastly better results on the D750. It has been a revelation to see how much better the photos could be with the full frame sensor and exceptional low noise characteristics of this camera. I will continue to use the D7100 with the macro lens as it excels in that area but my workhorse camera is the D750. In sum, I have been treated to an entirely new experience in my photography and one of which I had no concept could be so amazing.

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