ETTR exposure for lowest noise images

After watching another Arthur Morris video on YouTube, I finally decided to see if his Expose To The Right method will work for my imagery.  For those who are not familiar with this technique, one uses manual mode on your DSLR camera and deliberately sets the exposure so that the histogram of the image skews to the right hand side of the chart but not so far as to blow the highlights.  Morris uses Canon cameras which are not ISO invariant and as such he fixes his ISO at 400 or 800 then adjusts shutter speed while shooting at nearly wide open apertures.  Initially, I tried this exact technique and found it promising with indeed much less noise in my images and better color too. However, it was restrictive too because in low light conditions, I found that many potential shots were just not possible to get at these low ISOs.  Instead, I decided a different tack, namely using my exposure compensation to always shoot at +1 EV. In the histogram, I did see the shift in the distribution similar to the Morris ETTR. In the images displayed on the LCD in the camera, they often looked washed out and lacked contrast. However, in post, I was able to drop down the exposure and the results were very pleasing giving me the lowest noise and best color rendition that I have achieved to date.

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