I am M. K. Bengtson, a gaming and tech enthusiast with a long history of working in the tech sector. I developed the Bengtson Company Golf Swing Analyzer called PC Driving Range in the mid 1990s. We went on to develop our own unique virtual golf software including three courses. It was designed using a geographical program called World Construction Set allowing our courses to feature real world distances. This allowed the golfer to bring his or her real golf swing to our simulator and expect an experience not to different than their real world performance. This product line ended in 2007.
While engaged in the golf business, I began to design manufacture and sell R/C scale model airplane kits under the AerodromeRC name. Today, that site continues but at this time, we do not sell or make kits and instead offer plotted plans.
Throughout, I was actively involved with code development, hardware development, firmware development and even laser cutting the model airplane kits.  The legacy of this immersion in tech has been fascinating and rewarding as we went from 1 Mhz Personal computers and 48K of RAM to today’s marvels.
I enjoy having a place to give my two cents opinion on tech issues and this blog is my vehicle. Enjoy the ride cause, I’m not done yet!



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