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Valve delays the Steam Machine

Game developer Valve announced today that they are delaying the introduction of their Steam Controller and Machine. It is their gaming console and will represent a major advance to level the playing field for games other than from the larger … Continue reading

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Never say never

I said that I wouldn’t do it but I pre-ordered the video game “Destiny” for the PS4. Also, I said that I wouldn’t buy a PS4 and now I am going to buy one of those too. I should never … Continue reading

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What could have been

Back in the year 2000, I developed and manufactured a virtual golf game simulator. It was a hardware device that allowed the golfer to use his/her clubs and swing at a ball inside the house. A PC running Windows, picked … Continue reading

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Initial impressions of the Amazon Fire TV as a game console

So I am playing around with that new Amazon Fire TV device. It’s pretty cool. My Chromecast died last week and Google is taking their sweet time getting around to agreeing to replace it. I think that if Amazon does … Continue reading

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Video games could be so much more interesting if…

I am an avid gamer and have been for many years. However, I have to say that the offerings on the consoles, XBox360/One, PS3/PS4 and others seem to play mostly to the young adult male. The result is that most … Continue reading

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Hello world, I have things to say.

So this is the way it looks in the beginning. I will be adding more and more as I discover new ideas and stories that amuse. I don’t know where this is going but I am fairly sure it will … Continue reading

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